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Buy a House in Bacalar, an unbeatable option

Bacalar is a charming place, a charming Magical Town of Mexico, a paradise, and acquiring a house in this place is an excellent option.

In Bacalar you will be fascinated by the lagoon of the seven colors, and it should be noted that it is one of the most sought after tourist sites due to its beauty.

Imagine acquiring a beautiful property, with all the services and being able to enjoy this paradise always, enjoying the services and comforts and above all nature.

  • Luxury departments in Bacalar: From $2,199,000  MXP
  • Penthouse 2 rooms Deluxe in Bacalar Lake: From $362,346 USD
  • A House in Bacalar Lake, Q. Roo México: From $302,273 USD

Where is the Bacalar Travel paradise located

You can find Bacalar on the riverbank of the Bacalar lagoon an incredible and beautiful lagoon of southern Quintana Roo. Bacalar is an incredible tourist destination.

Bacalar has a small population of just over 12000 inhabitants, and most are dedicated to tourism that takes place in the region.

Currently in Bacalar you can rent hotels, houses ... and you can even take your own home, or villa, or you could have your own ranch near Bacalar.

In Paraíso Bacalar Travel you can visit places such as:

  • Hotel Boutique Toto Club
  • Strong of San Felipe de Bacalar
  • Blue Cenote in Bacalar
  • Biomaya Bacalar


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